Kamikaze drones during the war in #NagornoKarabkh

The extensive use of Kamikaze drones during the war in #NagornoKarabkh was something I always found extremely interesting. While loitering drones weren’t new by any means, their effectiveness was brought to light and has been noted by militaries, armed groups, and terrorist organizations across the world.

Here is footage of an Armenian S-300 air defense missile system being hit by an Azerbaijani IAI Harop loitering drone. From an analysis standpoint, loitering munition use was crucial during the war to knock out Armenian units at and behind the frontlines, interrupt supply and logistics lines, and take out anti-air defense, which opened up more use for Turkish supplied Bayraktar TB2 UAVs. The first few days of the fighting saw little to no gains by #Azerbaijan, as much of their initial ground forces and armor were taken out and held back by ATGM teams, snipers, and entrenched positions along hilltops and mountain sides. However, the introduction and continued supply of loitering munitions, especially from #Israel, suddenly saw units at the well defended Nagorno-Karabakh line vulnerable to attack. These loitering munitions seen last Fall show what the future of warfare is already turning towards. #AtlasNewsUpdateNagornoKarabakh

Via @atlas.news / https://www.instagram.com/atlas.news/?hl=en

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