Fleeing Suspect Gets Shot After Pointing Shotgun At Volusia Deputies

The video begins with footage of the traffic stop conducted on Gregory Howe by a DeLand police officer. After Howe flees the traffic stop, the video transitions to footage recorded by the Sheriff’s Office Air One helicopter, followed by footage from two deputies who were involved and had body cameras recording during the incident.

At this point in the investigation of the shooting, based on physical evidence, witness accounts and video, it is believed that Howe leveled a Kel-Tec KSG tactical shotgun at deputies and fired one time. Howe’s shotgun was recovered from inside his truck and was discovered to have been loaded with 13 rounds, 1 of which had been discharged. During the approximately 10 seconds of gunfire, four deputies fired 82 times, striking Howe multiple times and resulting in fatal injury. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s investigation of the shooting is ongoing. All the information provided by the Sheriff’s Office is preliminary and based on the information available at this time, prior to interviewing the deputies involved.

Via PoliceActivity

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