How one soldier wiped an entire enemy squad in Fallujah

Its hard to believe what US Army SSG Bellavia did to try to save his squad in Fallujah Iraq. It’s unbelievable how much he turned his life around from feeling like a weak man to leading the most intense battle in Fallujah. He’s been called the Audie Murphy of our generation. In February 2004, SGT David Bellavia deployed with the 2nd Battalion 2nd infantry regiment, 1st ID. They were stationed outside Fallujah. He was a squad leader responsible for the lives of his soldiers.

Written & Edited by: Chris Cappy

His platoon was tasked with searching and clearing houses in Fallujah. They were already engaged in months of fierce close quarters fighting. Bellavia was no longer bothered by fear at this point. He was fueled by it. By this time he had transformed from what he felt like was a weak man into a reliable leader who was ready for whatever this war could throw at him. On the tenth house they were clearing he would be pushed beyond the limits of fear and hostility that soldiers normally have to endure.

When they approached the infamous house Sgt Bellavia stayed outside and looked through the windows so he could see if any enemies were going to try to shoot at his platoon when they entered. His platoon began clearing the house but they took intense enemy fire. Bellavia can’t see where the enemy position is from outside the house so he sprints inside and quickly realizes just how bad the situation is. The two enemy insurgents are entrenched behind a staircase. They’re hiding behind half ton concrete jersey barriers.

One has an Ak47 and the other has a belt fed PKM machine gun. Sergeant Bellavia is impressed with how prepared the enemy kill zone is. In this video find out about US army SSG Bellavia’s incredible act of valor during OIF in Fallujah 2004.

Source : Task & Purpose


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