Top Military Animals in History From Cats to Elephants

Did you know the military enlisted the help of bears, bee’s, cattle and dolphins to help fight the enemy? Military history shows us commanders will try anything once. Its hard to believe the great mighty Roman Legion met their match when they came up against a horde of angry stinging bees.

Animals with jobs are usually happy even it meant they were drafted into service. Horses have been used in warfare for as long as they’ve been domesticated with Alexander the Great using them effectively in his “Companion Cavalry”. You might be aware that dogs were used in the Army especially in Delta Force but you probably don’t know about the attempt to do an amphibious beach assault with millions of dogs.

General Hannibal famously lead his elephants across the Alps and into Italy. Many of them died on the journey…but it’s the thought that counts. In the modern US Military, we use dogs and dolphins to aid us in our mission. In this video, we go over some obscure animals used in ancient armies.

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