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Netherlands Apache strike in Afghanistan

Royal Netherlands Air Force AH-64D Apache attack helicopter during combat operations in southern Afghanistan. You can see and hear the crew talking to U.S. special forces on the ground, locating and identifying a Taliban position inside a quala-type farmhouse, zoom in on it, maneuver to get into a firing position, and then engaging the target […]
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Apache Helicopter Takes Out 8 Insurgents

This is an interesting video because it includes the lead up to the strike. You get to listen to the pilot, gunner, and I suppose controller discussing the status of the target, and it’s very thorough. You hear these guys ask about ROE first, then they eventually mention the men they’re tailing are armed and […]
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British Army Apache helicopters in action over Libya

August 2011: Gun camera footage from British Army Apache attack helicopters involved in a strike on a military communications facility and troop concentration at Al-Watiya in western Libya. UK missions over Libya are undertaken as part of NATO’s Operation UNIFIED PROTECTOR, to enforce UNSCR 1973 and protect Libyan civilians at risk of attack. Slate 1: […]
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Lone Taliban Fighter Picks Fight With Apache And Loses

A lone Taliban fighter picks a fight with US airpower, attacking at close range during an apparent helo insertion and before getting annihilated by an Apache attack helicopter. During an apparent insertion of troops by a US helicopter, a lone Taliban fighter outside of a nearby compound decides to shoot at the hovering and vulnerable […]
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Apache Gun Cam: Battle of Wanat

Apache gun camera footage of the well known Battle of Wanat which witnessed heavy US Army soldier casualties. The Battle of Wanat occurred on July 13, 2008, when about 200 Taliban guerrillas attacked NATO troops near the village of Wanat in the Waygal district in Afghanistan’s far eastern province of Nuristan. The position was defended […]